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Tuned In Events – Minsden Chapel ghosthunt & mini paranormal documentary

Tuned in Events was proud to work alongside Frights & Delights in conducting a mini investigation into the allegedly haunted Minsden Chapel, near Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Hosted by Mistress Dark Morte and joined by guest Medium Andy Chaplin, they both walked around the ruined grounds to see what, if anything, either of them picked up spiritually or paranormally

There didn't seem to be anything too active in terms of actual Spirit energy, but certainly Andy and indeed Dark Morte, did seem to tune in on a few flashbacks from the past. Bizarrely, Andy also managed to pick on imagery from a dream which Dark Morte had the very night before about a possible event, which may or may not have happened in the local area. What made it more odd was that the dream's subject matter was in fact nothing to do with monks, chapels or anything medieval. Further research may well prove or disprove if the dream's events actually happened in the nearby vicinity. Andy did pick up that the Chapel was 14th Century and did no previous background research into the location at all

In this video, Andy also does his best to answer a few quick questions regarding his work and the psychic paranormal field in general, whilst Dark Morte gives a brief rundown on the history of Minsden Chapel and some glimses into a few of its paranormal claims. After the visit, they both visited the local pub, the Rusty Gun - the food & drink of which is highly recommended ! They even had a small farm shop

We hope you all enjoy our video – hopefully there will be more to come in future… Stay tuned in to Tuned In Events !